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Mom Life Chronicles wants YOU.

We are a new community of moms who keep it real and share our experiences.

And we want to hear from you.

Join us, and write for Mom Life Chronicles.




write for Mom Life Chronicles

The content at Mom Life Chronicles represents different moms with various viewpoints, religions, and way of mommin’. We want to create a free-form, free-thinking, platform where every mom can come to share and express themselves without judgment. We support all moms from all backgrounds.

We are friends who give advice in a fun, loving, and upbeat manner.

We do NOT support shaming or bashing of any mom or the way she moms.

Our purpose is to create a space full of love, positive energy, and true support. We hope to voice diverse voices from many different moms and coming together as a tribe of victorious women.

Topics We Love:

Actionable life advice and tips

Insightful personal experiences

Trending topics

Shopping guides (seasonal, themed)

DIYs or tutorials



MLC Pays!

Unique views are recorded for 30 days after your original article goes live. Payments are based on unique views and paid once you’ve met your threshold. Payments are sent via PayPal 30-60 days after your article is published. Your piece is promoted on all of MLC’s social media platforms and we ask that you please promote your own pieces as well.

  • 0-250 views:  $0
  • 250-500 views:  $5
  • 500-750 views:  $8.00
  • 750-1K views:  $10.00
  • 1K – 2K views:  $15.00
  • 2K – 3K views:  $30.00
  • 3K-4K views:  $60.00
  • 4K+ views:  $100.00

Mom Life Chronicles wants content that fit our mission. Only original content will be eligible for payment. We will run previously published articles but those are not eligible for payment. We will include a link to the original source in the previously published article on Mom Life Chronicles.

By submitting your article, you are verifying that Mom Life Chronicles has the right to publish your content. If Mom Life Chronicles chooses to run your articles, we will contact you with specific details on the next steps to take, within two weeks of submission. Restrictions may apply.


  1. Keep it Real, we want to feel YOU

  2. We like controversial topics, but we don’t want to cause a riot

  3. Make sure it provides value to our audience

  4. Limit slang and abbreviations, please

  5. Make sure content is safe for work

  6. Send high-resolution images

  7. Only send original content

  8. Provide sources to your story, if necessary- facts matter

  9. A minimum of 300 words is required

  10. We can’t wait to read your stuff!

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Ready to Submit Your Piece?

Email your completed post along with a 2-3 sentence summary and a minimum of 2 images, along with a headshot, brief bio and links to your blog and 2 social media platforms to: kristie@theofficialceomom.com

Note: You will be notified via email within two weeks whether or not your post will run on Mom Life Chronicles.