How to Have A Fun Filled Day at the Marbles Museum

How to Have A Fun Filled Day at the Marbles Museum

Being that I live right outside of Raleigh, NC, many of the activities I do with the kids are in the city.

We love all of the museums of Raleigh, but the kids definitely love the Marbles Kids Museum the most.

The Marbles Kids Museum offers children learning through play.

There are multiple sections throughout the museum that are themed such as the grocery store where children can pretend to shop or work behind the register.

marbles kids museum

The museum caters to children of all ages and also has an IMAX theatre.

After spending a full day at the Marbles Kids Museum last weekend, here are a few tips to make your trip the best possible.

Try to go when it’s less crowded.

Before going, we looked up the busiest times on Google. Expect weekends to always be crowded but if you have to go on a weekend, the earlier the better, especially when you have small children.

marbles kids museum

Bring snacks–because kids.

If you plan to spend the day, definitely bring snacks along. Nothing calms a whining child like some crispy goldfish haha.

There are places to sit throughout the museum for you to give your little ones a quick snack, so no worries!

Take a break.

Seriously, you’ll need one- and so will they. There are tons of things to do and see that you could definitely be there from open to close.

The great thing about Marbles is as long as you keep your sticker on, you can leave and come back the same day.

We left to enjoy lunch at a local pizza restaurant, Pizza La Stella and came back to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

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Catch a movie.

As I mentioned, Marbles has an IMAX theatre within the museum. Take the time to catch a movie with the kids and enjoy a few moments to rest!

Take your time.

There’s so much to see but don’t rush! Allow your kids to enjoy each play and learn exhibit.

Ask them questions and help them gain something out of the experience.

marbles kids museum

We definitely enjoyed our day at the Marbles Kids Museum and plan to spend more time there.

If you are local to Raleigh, Marbles offers a membership option with great perks!


What are some of your favorite kids’ museums?

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