My Top 5 Favorite Baby-Friendly Rides at Disney World

My Top 5 Favorite Baby-Friendly Rides at Disney World

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The most magical place on Earth: Disney World.

Many parents save up for months, even years to visit and ensure their kids have the best time of their lives.

Disney World vacations are often the most memorable. As a mom of three kiddos, it has always been my dream to take my family to Disney World. It was definitely the most amazing vacations to date.

I recently shared some tips for what not to bring to Disney World for your baby, but many parents want to know, what will I do with my baby when it comes to the rides?

Rider Swap Pass

One of your choices is the rider swap pass. My other two children are 8 and 6 so there are lots of rides that they wanted to enjoy. Thankfully, Disney allows parents to use a rider swap pass so that everyone gets an opportunity to ride if small children do not meet the height requirements or are scared of the ride.

So how it works is, when arriving to load the ride, the parent waiting with the baby or child too small to ride will wait while the other parent rides with the other kids. When they return, the waiting parent can then ride!

We took advantage of this a lot!

I would wait with baby Ayden and my daughter while hubby and my son would ride and when they returned, my daughter and I would go leaving baby Ayden with dad and big brother.

Be sure to get your swap pass at the entrance before going through the line.

So what rides can baby ride?

There are plenty of rides that your baby can enjoy with you as a family! Most of which, were the best rides!

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My Top 5 Baby-Friendly Rides at Disney World

1. Peter Pan’s Flight

This ride was so much fun and baby-friendly. You are in a seated boat with a lap restraint and you are able to hold your baby in your lap.

There are also lots of hidden secrets in the line that make the Peter Pan story come to life while you wait! And trust me, this is a very popular ride so you will be waiting. If possible, get a Fast pass for this ride! You will find Peter Pan’s flight at the Magic Kingdom.

2. Frozen Ever After

This boat ride is so much fun. My daughter loves Anna and Elsa! Walking into this attraction seems to take you directly to their world.

This boat ride allows you to hold baby in your lap and has a lap bar for safety. It is very dark at some points so if your little one is afraid, this may not be such a fun ride for them. There is an unexpected turn near the end but not scary!

Overall, this is a fun and baby-friendly ride! You will find Frozen Ever After at Epcot.

Definitely grab a Fast Pass for this one too!

baby-friendly rides at Disney World

3. Kilimanjaro Safaris

This safari tour was educational and fun! You will find yourself really feeling as though you are in Africa, trekking across the pride land! You board an open-air vehicle and are given a tour where you get to see dozens of amazing African animals. Baby Ayden was on the verge of sleep and this ride took him right over! He was sound asleep for most of the ride.

This is a slow and very enjoyable ride. And if you are as lucky as we were, you will have a comedian for your tour guide! Our tour guide was hilarious and made it even more interesting and fun..

This is another long wait when it comes to the line. I’d definitely grab a Fast Pass. Kilimanjaro Safaris is found at the Animal Kingdom.

baby-friendly rides at Disney World

4. Under the Sea-  Journey of the Little Mermaid

I may be a tad bit biased here. Ariel is my favorite Disney Princess and this ride was awesome. Another slow ride for any age and perfectly baby-friendly. The animatronics on this ride are second only to Frozen Ever After but definitely the best at the Magic Kingdom. 

You are able to hold baby in the moving ride, again, with a lap bar for safety. There are a few swift turns but nothing too scary for your little ones. This is a great ride for everyone.

5. Dumbo the Flying Elephant

This one was a tough choice. It was between Dumbo and Winnie the Pooh. The only reason Winnie the Pooh didn’t make the top 5 is because baby Ayden definitely loved this one the most being that it was a flying ride.

We both rode in one car with baby Ayden and our oldest were able to ride in a car on their own. It is lifted up into the air and spins around like a carousel. There is a handlebar within the car that you can push up or down to make the car go higher or lower. We didn’t go so high! Haha.

Play first: There is a massive circus-themed play area that kids can enjoy before hopping on the ride.

Not worth a Fast Pass, but definitely a great ride for everyone. Dumbo the Flying Elephant is located in the Magic Kingdom.

Discount Disney Tickets

You can most definitely have fun with your baby at Disney World.

I have heard many people say that it’s not worth taking young children because they won’t remember.

But trust me, once you go, you will go back; plenty of opportunities for more memories. We are already planning our next trip for the opening of Pandora World.

Update: Here’s my Pandora review!

These memories will probably be more so for you and not so much for your baby. Take plenty of pictures and enjoy the rides with your baby!

Have any more questions about taking your baby to the parks? Drop it in the comments and I will be sure to answer!

Happy Memory-Making!

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