Pandora World of Avatar Review: Is it worth the hype?

Pandora World of Avatar Review: Is it worth the hype?

Pandora World of Avatar opened up for the world on Memorial Day weekend.

I remember when Avatar first graced the big screen. It was a beautiful digital masterpiece. When it first came out on Blu-Ray, I literally watched it every day. I have no idea why. But I did. Yes, I basically know all the words of the movie. I was that kind of fanatic. Just the idea that some could create something so innovative, was highly intriguing to me.

And when Disney announced the creation of Pandora World, I knew I had to witness it.

But being able to see that world come to life was something I just had to be a part of.


Pandora World of Avatar Review: From the rides to the food, my thoughts on Disney World's Pandora!

Arriving at the Park

Pandora World of Avatar is the newest addition to the Animal Kingdom of Disney World in Orlando. When attending the opening of anything Disney, delays should be expected.

The park opened an hour early, so we got there before the park opened. We definitely thought that was good timing. But we were wrong. Haha. Lines were crazy.

If ever attending a Disney event, I suggest staying at a Disney resort in order to take advantage of the Magic Hours. You can go to the parks before opening time and enjoy fewer crowds and long lines.

Because we decided to go at the last minute, all the hotels were booked. So we ended up staying off the Disney resort at a neighboring hotel.

We will definitely make sure to plan ahead and limit our spur of the moment Disney trips!

We stood in line for about 15 minutes before they starting to move us through the bag checking area. I definitely appreciate these types of safety checks. The bag checking took about 20 minutes for us. Once getting through that, we had to wait in another line- the actual park entrance.

That took more time.

Writing this, I now realize we spent most of the day in some line!

Getting to Pandora World

Boy, what a hectic mess. We had already been to the Animal Kingdom once this year so we wanted to go straight to Pandora World.

After entering the gate, there was a massive line already formed to get to Pandora World. Mind you, the actual entrance to Pandora World was on the other side of the park. Not a good sign!

So here we were, at around 9am, waiting in yet another line. After standing there for aapproximately15 minutes, some security guards attempted to cut the line off where we were standing and redirect us to another area of the park to wait in a new line. Before I could get upset about that, some Disney crew members let us pass and then moved the line.

We waited for a long time.

pandora world of avatar review

We finally made it!

Once we entered into Pandora World, the sights were AMAZING!

So yes, the waiting sucked. But it was opening day! And it was worth the wait.

It was everything I imagined it could be and more.

pandora world of avatar review


pandora world of avatar review

The Rides

There are two rides in Pandora: Avatar Flight of Passage and the Na’vi River Journey. 

We didn’t ride Avatar Flight of Passage because the wait was 6 hours and since we had Ayden, we would have had to do a rider swap, so the total wait could have been about 9 hours for us both to ride.

We decided to just ride the Na’vi River ride since we could all ride together.

The Na’vi Rive ride is a seated boat ride that takes you through gorgeous scenes of Pandora.

pandora world of avatar review


pandora world of avatar review


Pandora World of Avatar Review

Disney and James Cameron did an excellent job bringing this world to life. There is a lot to see in this little corner of the Animal Kingdom from live performances and great plant life. There is an amazing restaurant called the Satu’li Canteen as well. When entering the world, Disney crew make you feel like you’ve stepped into another world that you’ve just landed on.

Overall, this was an epic addition to the Disney World family and I can’t wait to go back on a day that is less crowded to enjoy all that Pandora World of Avatar has to offer!

Do you have plans to visit?

Have you gone yet? How was your experience?

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