3 Tips to Save Money on Groceries for Your Family

3 Tips to Save Money on Groceries for Your Family

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Grocery prices seem to rise every time I shop these days. My grocery expense each month is almost my highest living expense. As a mom of three, it’s important to keep the pantry stocked and bellies full.

After spending last year really honing in on ways to save, here are 3 tips to help you save before your next shopping trip.

Make A List and Stick To It

This is a big one for me! Making a list and just purchasing the items on the list is going to help you save money. Often I go to the store and see other things that I don’t really need and end up spending more money. Don’t!

Make sure you go through your cabinets, pantry, and refrigerator prior to the store so you are not impulse buying.

Stock Up When Things Are On Sale

Doing this alone has really helped me to save extra each month. I suggest doing this for your staple items, things you use all the time.

When things you often use are on sale, stock up on those things at that time and you won’t need to purchase them at a later time. This is great for things that are canned or frozen.

Shop Small Local Retailers Versus Big Box Retailers

I’ve found great deals at smaller retail stores like the Dollar Tree that have come through for me in savings. They even have a great refrigerated and frozen foods department at many of their chain stores now.

When I need things such as eggs, bread, or snacks for the children and I am on a tight budget, I have found shopping at the Dollar Tree has been a great option.

At my last shopping trip, I found a great bargain on these items:

dollar tree food

You can locate one of the 5,000 Dollar Tree stores with these types of goodies and more here. Just look for the frozen food icon!

They carry great brands such as Mrs. Smith’s, Jenn-O, and Red Baron. Check back often because I have found that they have some hidden gems from time to time like the Cinnabon treats I found.

Saving money is very important for me when everything just continues to get more and more costly.

Between school field trips, clothing, and all of the other expenses that comes with taking care of your children, the cost of food shouldn’t be such a big worry but it is.

What are some of your favorite money-saving tips?


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