Parents’ Well-Being: Pillars of a Thriving Childhood

Parents’ Well-Being: Pillars of a Thriving Childhood

In case you thought your children are getting their daily, subliminal role model inspiration from their teachers, the TV, other kids’ parents, their games, or any other outside force – you were wrong. 

You, as a parent, are your child’s ultimate role model. Every movement, word, and action you make have an effect on their development and the type of a person they’ll grow up to be. 

With that in mind, every parent should not only be dedicated to their children but absolutely aware and conscious of their impact as role models for their children’s development.

Doing these three main things will help you give your child the childhood they deserve!

However, finding a balance between laying out a healthy structure for your child and potentially spoiling them because you “want to make them happy” is tough, especially if you are too busy doing other things aside from parenthood. What most parents fail to do is take a look at their own actions before they “demand” a certain type of behavior from their children not even realizing how crucial those same actions are for their children’s development.

That being said, we’re talking about healthy parent-child foundations and aspects of parenthood that can easily be considered pillars of a thriving childhood.

Setting up a loving environment.

Every parent wants the best for their child and it goes without saying they’ll do anything in their power to make it happen. However, forcing a particular activity onto your child is no solution. You have to pay attention to the things that make your child happy and what sparks creativity in them and act accordingly. What’s more, make sure to create a safe space that will encourage better learning and bonding with your kid. If you have more than one child, don’t play favorites under any circumstance.

Even if you do have a favorite, try not to show it; for the most part, children are hypersensitive and they do feel these things. Feeling unwanted, less loved or not good enough may read extremely damaging for a child and leave permanent consequences on their self-esteem and their feeling of self-worth. The more love and appreciation you show them, the better.

Mind your behavior.

As your child’s primary role model, you need to be aware that your behavior, emotions, problems, and challenges reflect on them directly. Even the behaviors you don’t necessarily verbalize or communicate in any way get picked up by the kids and become their modus operandi. For that, try to mentally train yourself towards reflecting a positive, supportive and happy attitude whenever your children are around.

When the work’s bad, when you and your partner are having a horrible day or any other outside factor is causing you to feel down, find a way to let it go without having it ever reflect on your child. When the child feels their parents are happy, they themselves will be happy.

Useful activities.

Unfortunately, you cannot spend all the time in a day with your child or be creative enough to come up with new games to keep them motivated, happy and entertained every single day. Luckily, there is a safety net perfect for all the busy parents – professionals over at lovely Sandringham childcare center are more than willing to take care of your child and work with them on setting a healthy basis for their upbringing. Finding a childcare complex (like Sandringham) for children that focuses on providing a stimulating and creative surroundings is extremely important.

Daily activities crafted after children’s needs and age along with a very impressive environment to keep them focused, socially confident, mentally and physically active as well as emotionally satisfied following is one of the basis of your child’s healthy upbringing.

Avoid some trends.

While we get constantly bombarded with new parenting trends that come and go almost as fast as the latest fashion fads do, each parent should be aware of what actually works and what doesn’t for their child. Not every parenting trend is useful and good, so take them with a grain of salt. You know your child better than any trend does, so make sure you treat them to activities you are positive they’ll enjoy.

As central figures and main influencers of every child’s life, parents should create a positive environment that promotes their children’s mental, emotional and psychological growth along with healthy social interactions within the family and outside of it. Developing a strong and positive mindset in both parents and children is key to building a happy family.

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