Kids Water Safety: How to Keep Kids Safe in the Water This Summer

Kids Water Safety: How to Keep Kids Safe in the Water This Summer

Summer has officially arrived and families everywhere are spending more time at beaches, lakes, and pools. It is important that parents and children are being safe while enjoying all the water fun this summer.

I believe it is important for children to have swimming lessons as soon as possible. They not only learn how to swim, but how to be aware and safe in the water. Drowning is the 2nd most common cause of death from injuries when it comes to kids up to age 14. (Kids Health)

It can happen so fast.

Whether at home, hotel, beach, or lake, knowing these tips can help save a life.

Pool Safety

Always have an adult present: For the life of me, I can’t understand how parents can send their children to the pool alone. Even if your child is an excellent swimmer, it only take a minute for something to go wrong. Always, always, ALWAYS, go with your child to the pool or another adult you trust to watch him or her.

Obey pool rules: If you are at a hotel, community pool, or any pool that isn’t in your own backyard, pay attention to the rules posted. They are there for a reason.

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How to Keep Your Kids Safe in the Water This Summer: Here are a few guidelines to help prepaare your kiddos for a safe summer!

Use Coast-Guard approved flotation devices: When someone is young and learning to swim, flimsy and cheap flotation devices are not the best for them to remain safe in the water.

You can find Coast Guard approved flotation devices on Amazon or other large retailers.

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No running: As a child, I remember this being yelled me a lot. But it is a safety measure for our children. They could easily slip and fall into the pool. I know it’s fun to run around the pool, but we have to be sure to let our children know that it is unsafe.

No gum: Gum can be a chocking hazard when swimming! Not eating or drinking is normally the rule of thumb at public pools. That includes gum.

Beach Safety

Pay attention to flags: Lifeguards will place flags out to give swimmers an idea of what to expect out on the water. Be sure to check these flags to get an idea of the water conditions before your children go out. Waves can be very strong, so checking this information is very important.

kids water safety

Wear protective footwear: Protect your feet while on the beach. Not just from hot sand but any rough or rocky areas under the water as well. Be aware of things like jellyfish or stingrays also, depending on where you are. Having some type of water shoe can really help keep you and your children safe.

Don’t swim near piers: These structures look cool to kids but keep them away. If possible, choose not to set up your area near them at all. The waves near these structures are very dangerous.

Don’t swim out too far: Normally, a lifeguard will let you know if they think you are out too far. But for our younger children, make sure they know the boundaries. Go out with them if they are new to swimming. You know your child better than anyone, just do your best to keep them safe.

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Stay safe, but have fun

Don’t be so worried, that you forget to allow your child to have fun. Be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye on them the best you can.

Accidents do happen, but all we can do is our best.

Teach your children about water safety and help them to be confident in the water. Fear is not a good thing to have as an early swimmer.

Give them the knowledge and tools they need to be safe and as parents, do your part as well.

What are your concerns when it comes to water safety? Have your kids had swim lessons?

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