Why Having Mom Friends is So Important

There are so many types of moms. We all have different backgrounds, different religions, and beliefs, different morals, and we all know we have different parenting styles. But there is one thing that unites us all: we have the responsibility of raising little people. In today's society, we spend so much time focusing on the [...]

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Kids Water Safety: How to Keep Kids Safe in the Water This Summer

Summer has officially arrived and families everywhere are spending more time at beaches, lakes, and pools. It is important that parents and children are being safe while enjoying all the water fun this summer. I believe it is important for children to have swimming lessons as soon as possible. They not only learn how [...]

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5 Family Friendly Places in North Carolina to Visit This Summer

Although traveling isn't limited to the summer season, it is often the best time to get away when you have kids in school. If NC is on your bucket list to visit this summer, or anytime soon, here are some of the best places to visit as a family! Related: Top 5 Baby-Friendly Rides at [...]

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