How to Set Mom Goals for the New Year

How to Set Mom Goals for the New Year

I stopped setting new year resolutions two years ago. I found myself setting the very same resolutions and forgetting about them in a month or less. I now set goals for my life, my family, and my career.

Setting goals sounds simple, right?

Jot down a few things in a list format and checking them off as you do them.

As a mom, setting goals should be a little more thought out in order to have a successful year.

It’s so easy to just take life as it comes. But what if you could take initiative from the start and ensure you are not swept under the storm of life by summer?

How to Set Mom Goals for the New Year: Why you need mom goals and how to successfully set them.

Why You Need to Set Mom Goals

Being a mom is hard enough. We take on the cares of each member of our household and barely get time to ourselves to breathe. We become overwhelmed and can often find ourselves wanting to just throw in the towel. It’s not to say that things won’t come up and throw you off track from time to time, but when those things to do arise, it’s not on top of other things in disarray.

That is why it’s important to set mom goals for the year. No more overwhelm and you are able to lead your family into a successful and happy year.

How to Set Mom Goals

Start with a vision for yourself and your family. What things do you want to accomplish for yourself and what things do you want to accomplish as a family.

Remember, don’t forget YOU! Stop putting yourself last! Our families need you to be the best version of yourself in order for them to be the best version of themselves.

Let’s start with you. How do you see yourself ending the year? What are the top things you want for you in 2018? Why are these goals important to you? Being able to connect your why to your goals is important. It will keep you focused and will help you reach those said goals. Don’t be afraid to set deadlines on your goals. When we fail to do this, it takes us longer to achieve those goals. So get real with yourself and put a time on it!

Next, think about your family as a whole. What do you envision the year being like for your family? What things do you want to accomplish together? I know for me, I want us to spend one night a week completely disconnected from everything outside and connect with just each other. My main goal is to grow closer and communicate better throughout the year.

List each goal according to a category such as home, finances, routines, self-care, etc. Under each goal, add how you plan to reach each goal. For example:

Goal: Spend more time focusing on myself.

  • Each week, aside allotted time just for me
  • Have a sitter or husband take the kids out of the house 2 hours every Saturday
  • Wake up each morning an hour earlier to spend time alone

Having a breakdown of each goal helps you visualize your goals as well as helps you to see them as not being too big to actually accomplish.

Don’t Stop There

Setting goals for yourself and your family are important. But don’t just stop there. Share your goals with your friends and family. Help them set their own goals. Have an accountability partner so that you both can keep each other focused as you check off those goals together!

Going into this new year, prevent yourself from experiencing future overwhelm and set mom goals to knock 2018 out of the park!

Happy New Year!

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