31st Mar, 2018

How to Have A Fun Filled Day at the Marbles Museum

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Being that I live right outside of Raleigh, NC, many of the activities I do with the kids are in the city. We love all of the museums of Raleigh, but the kids definitely love the Marbles Kids Museum the most. The Marbles Kids Museum offers children learning through play. There are multiple sections throughout [...]

22nd Jun, 2017

Kids Water Safety: How to Keep Kids Safe in the Water This Summer

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Summer has officially arrived and families everywhere are spending more time at beaches, lakes, and pools. It is important that parents and children are being safe while enjoying all the water fun this summer. I believe it is important for children to have swimming lessons as soon as possible. They not only learn how [...]

21st Jun, 2017

5 Family Friendly Places in North Carolina to Visit This Summer

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Although traveling isn't limited to the summer season, it is often the best time to get away when you have kids in school. If NC is on your bucket list to visit this summer, or anytime soon, here are some of the best places to visit as a family! Related: Top 5 Baby-Friendly Rides at [...]

15th May, 2017

My Top 5 Favorite Baby-Friendly Rides at Disney World

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This site may contain affiliate links. Please visit here to read my full disclosure. The most magical place on Earth: Disney World. Many parents save up for months, even years to visit and ensure their kids have the best time of their lives. Disney World vacations are often the most memorable. As a mom of [...]

8th Apr, 2017

3 Tips on How to Do a Road Trip to Disney World on a Budget

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  Our recent trip to Disney World was nothing short of amazing. The memories we made during the one week we spent there will last forever. Disney is a lifestyle really. Once you visit, you will want to keep coming back again and again. We are already planning our next visit for the launch [...]