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4th Oct, 2017

10 Kid-Friendly Halloween Songs for Your Holiday Playlist

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Halloween is one of my family's favorite holidays! One we definitely look forward to, for sure. Whether you are planning a kid-friendly Halloween party or like to play spooky music for the kids in the car, here are some must-have Halloween tunes for your playlist this Halloween! Kid-Friendly Halloween Playlist While these are in no [...]

10th Jul, 2017

11 Ways My Dogs Prepared Me for Motherhood

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Oh, the similarities between dogs and young children! Some joke that dogs prepare us for kids. Many parents scoff at the idea (after all, how could we compare our precious children to canines!?). But, in my experience, there are some striking similarities between dogs and young children. Not so sure? Let’s look at a [...]

8th Jul, 2017

18 Things Every Mom Needs in Her Summer Survival Tote

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Luckily I've never been stuck up a creek without a paddle...wait a minute, actually I have! But that's another story, for another time. Being at a beach without a towel is like being stuck up a creek without a paddle. I can't even remember how many times I've wished I had a ball... or [...]

26th Jun, 2017

Four Ways to Love Your Life More Than You Do Right Now

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I put the youngest in for his nap and tell his big sister we’re having quiet time.  The ongoing internal dialogue in my mind is nudging me to hurry up and get the meatballs simmering on high in the crock-pot.  I also need to email a friend and pay two bills. I decide the [...]